公開日: : 最終更新日:2014/01/24 AR(拡張現実)

3DS Miiと連動したら面白そう。

You can find the application running here. There’s also a marker for you to print in lieu of one my real business cards.

The augmented reality avatar concept for the business card provides a way to provide potential clients and associates a way to get past the logo and brand and get to know the people. You could just as easily include hobbies or little known facts for yourself or an employee.

This is an idea I’d been kicking around in my head since February. I wanted to find a way that a company could deliver a catchy identity for themselves. Avatars, be it the Mii’s on the Nintendo Wii, or an Xbox Live Avatar, have become extensions of the people who use them.

Special thanks to the Papervision team for the recent rev 911 of Papervision. With it, I was able to resolve issues I had been having for several months that prevented my avatar’s animations from importing properly.

-Character was modeled, unwrapped, rigged, weighted in Maya by myself. Animations (idle, wave) done by Jason Barnes.
-Texture created in Photoshop (Ambient Occlusion maps overlayed from Maya) by myself

引用元:YouTube – Augmented Reality Business Card – Avatar Concept



lolipop アップルの開発者向けイベント「WWDC2014」





大阪・難波の加寿屋 法善寺でかすうどんを食す。ランチタイムはおにぎり2個まで無料!

大阪・難波の加寿屋 法善寺 (かすうどん KASUYA)で、かす